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8 Most Popular Tomato Varieties for Home Gardening

  1. Sun Gold- This small, orange cherry tomato is packed with a delicious fruity tang and is super sweet! These golden delights would have been gone before they even made it to the kitchen if it were not for the productivity of the plants, which are prolific enough to overcome fruits being eaten right out in the garden!
  2. Big Beef- Beefsteak should have occupied this spot, but nowadays the term “beefsteak” refers to an entire subcategory of big pounders. So why not put Big Beef here? It claims 50% more producitivity and is a little earlier than regular beefsteaks. Beefsteaks in general are dense and flavorful, and they’re perfect for sandwiches because they’re so big. They also give the most pounds of fruit per plant of all tomato varieties.
  3. Early Girl- This small tomato has a wide appeal because of its productivity and earliness (maturation in only 52 days). The average fruit is about 4oz and is loaded with true tomato flavor. Plants are also very disease resistant and very tolerant of the growing environment.
  4. Celebrity- This semi-determinate hybrid is primarily known for its disease resistance and productivity. Plants are loaded with medium, uniform fruits, the size of which is similar to those sold in supermarkets, but have a homegrown taste that can't be found in the stores.
  5. Sweet Hundred- Flower clusters of this cherry tomato produce tens to hundred of sweet, delicious fruit. Not to mention that plants are very prolific. The fruits are somewhat prone to cracking, especially after rainy days. An improved hybrid known as Sweet Million was bred to address this problem. Sweet Million fruits are smaller, but they're just as sweet and are more resistant to cracking.
  6. Better Boy- The bred-to-be counterpart to Early Girl. This mid-season cropper produces an abundant crop of 12-16oz fruits loaded with pure tomato flavor. Not just known for its disease resistance, a Better Boy tomato plant also holds the Guiness World Record for most tomatoes produced from one plant- 342lbs!
  7. Brandywine- Overwhelmingly rated the best tasting tomato ever! Brandywine is renowned for its sweet, intense flavor and a melt-in-your-mouth type texture. The Brandywine Sudduth Strain is a related yellow-variety that has also been highly rated for taste. Brandywines are late season heirlooms and are not known for their production, but flavor-wise they are definitely worth growing.
  8. Cherokee Purple- This underrated native of the Americas is unique in its blackish-red color and posseses a complex, earthy flavor. Plants grow to be very tall and are loaded big-sized fruits. Although the fruits do not store well after picking, that should not be a problem because they're delicious. This is definitely a good variety if you're looking to try something out of the norm.